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Pink Turbo Pro 5.5inch Squeegee


Pink Turbo Pro 5.5inch Squeegee


The Pink Turbo Pro 5.5inch Squeegee is a popular choice among PPF installers. Made from flexible PU material, this injection molded squeegee is designed to effortlessly slide across surfaces. Its innovative design and slip agents make it ideal for installing Paint Protection Films (PPF) with soft or self-healing top coatings. The squeegee’s pink color adds a stylish touch to your toolkit.

1. Slip agents infused: Three slip agents help the squeegee glide smoothly across surfaces.
2. Soft and flexible: Designed for gentle application on PPF with soft or self-healing coatings.
3. Durable construction: Made from high-quality flexible PU for sturdiness and longevity.
4. Paint-friendly: The squeegee’s material ensures it won’t damage the paint film while using water during installation.
5. Convenient size: Measures 14 cm x 6 cm x [no information provided].
6. Handle not included: The squeegee is sold without a handle, allowing you to use your preferred handle or grip for added comfort and control.


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Pink Turbo Pro 5.5inch Squeegee
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