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Ppf Knifeless Tape, Transparent Cutting Tape-50Meter

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Ppf Knifeless Tape, Transparent Cutting Tape-50Meter


– Imported PVC material and stretchable,easy and safe to use it
– High flexible to protect your car body paint no damage when installing
– Adjustable in various directions, maintaining a perfect 90-degree turning shape without detaching or causing degumming.
– Leaves no trace and boasts remarkable toughness.
– Stretchable and adaptable to contour corners, allowing adjustments in multiple directions.
– Ideal for professional positioning and styling of paint protection film, leaving sharp, burr-free edges.

PPF Knifeless Tape, the ultimate solution for precision cutting and shaping of paint protection film (PPF). This innovative self-adhesive tape features a high-strength alloy flexible wire at its core, allowing for powerful and precise cutting of various transparent films like TPU and TPH. With unparalleled cutting force and the ability to protect your car’s paint while shaping and cutting the PPF with ease, it’s a must-have tool for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike. Its flexibility and adjustability make it perfect for creating intricate designs and patterns, leaving no trace and ensuring a flawless finish. Say goodbye to difficult partial drawings – our Precision PPF Knifeless Tape simplifies the process, making it a convenient and efficient choice for any project.


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Car Skin invisible transparent protective film cutting line1Ppf Knifeless Tape, Transparent Cutting Tape-50Meter
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